Lee and I took a business trip to Alabama last week/weekend, and although Mobile doesn’t top my list of vacation hotspots, we had fun anyway. On a side note – before we left, when people would ask us… Read More


First – let me say that it’s Mother’s Day and I really miss my mom. She is such a great mother and while I can send her cards and flowers and gifts – nothing is quite like giving… Read More


I am guacamole. When I bleed, the blood is green. Lee and I just returned from a wonderful trip to California, where we enjoyed good company, beautiful landscapes, and fabulous Mexican food. I ate guacamole with nearly every… Read More

Zoo Fabulous

Last weekend Lee and I visited my parents in Tennessee. It was nice to take a road trip, but most of all, it was nice to see my folks again. We had hoped for snow, but since we… Read More

Nearly Pork Chopped

It was dark, getting late, and I was listening to a book on tape. It’s important to note that when I listen to a book on tape, I zone out. Completely. I once drove for two hours listening… Read More

From Cozumel to Detox

After many days of travel, it’s good to be home. But looking at that picture makes me want to be back on that beach again. Lee and I just got back today from a whirlwind of trips. A… Read More

The Clinch Mountain Lookout

It was Sunday afternoon, and Mom, Dad, and I decided to spend the beautiful day driving up into the northern Tennessee mountains (Lee was in Cincinnati, and was sorely missed!). We were pretty hungry when we left the… Read More


This is Bucket. He’s one of my favorite zoo creatures. The zoo was one the best parts of our vacation. There were a lot of great animals, neat exhibits, and I had fun snapping away with my camera…. Read More

A Princely Evening

Saturday morning, Lee and I hit the tourist sites again, opting for museums because it was raining. We visited the Holocaust Memorial – very moving, yet very depressing as I suppose it should be. Then we lifted our… Read More

Washington DC is great, but Virginia tried to steal my wallet

Lee and I are resting in our hotel room, putting up our aching feet after a full morning and afternoon in Washington, DC. I love being on vacation. I love being on vacation so much, that we left… Read More