Civic Irresponsibility

The Friday Five
When was the last time you…
1. …sent a handwritten letter? Probably at Christmas -that’s pretty bad. I’ve done some lengthy card signing, but I don’t think that counts. I believe the last letter was to a former Kahdalea camper.
2. …baked something from scratch or made something by hand? I baked biscuits last weekend. At our last Family Fun Night I made an ice cream cake.
3. …camped in a tent? A few weeks ago, with Lee in Virginia. Very woodsy and fun.
4. …volunteered your time to church, school, or community? The fact that I have to think hard about that one is sad. Does helping Anna and Jason move count?
5. …helped a stranger? I’m drawing a blank there too. I think I’ll log off now and find someway to benefit society.

Pledge Battle

The whole debate about the Pledge of Allegiance is confusing. Just because I believe in God, does that mean it should be part of our pledge? A big part of me wants to say no, because if you don’t believe in God it’s not representative of you. It assumes all the nation is a God-fearing one. But at the same time, I feel a twinge of guilt, like I’m a bad Christian and bad American for even entertaining the discussion. I am proud to be in a country of religious freedom, but I also don’t want to be in a country where we have to tip-toe around each other. But I don’t want you to say your nation is under God if you don’t agree. I guess that’s why I’m not a judge, because I just can’t decide.

Millie Goes Back to Jail

I love our Basset Hound Millie, but she does test that love sometimes. It has been raining here for seven days straight, which means she cannot be left outside during the day when we’re at work and has to be crated because she has been known to destroy the house when left alone.

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Corporate Butt Kissing

I just got back from a two-day employee training seminar held by my company. It was a good seminar, and is the first of its kind done by this company. I got to meet and talk with a number of higher level execs, and I had the idea of dropping them a note to follow up – say thanks for having the seminar, it was good to meet you, blah blah blah. Lee says I’m a brown-noser. Is he right? And if so, is that so wrong?


It is almost noon — and this time a year ago, I was having my hair done for the biggest day of my life. Lee and I were married at 4 p.m. on June 23, 2001. It was a wonderful day, but I think the best part is that things keep getting better. Tonight we will celebrate by going to Elizabeth’s on 37th St., a really nice restaurant, and eating the top layer of our wedding cake.

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Dinner Party

We are having a dinner party tonight for our friends Anna and Jason, who are leaving us in four days (evil people!). It should be fun, even though it’s our last family fun night with them.

  • Pork Stir Fry with Veggies
  • Rice
  • Egg Rolls
  • Dessert
  • Potato Skins (Appetizer)
  • Coke with vanilla Vodka
  • Appreciation Day

    Not only is it Father’s Day – but it is also Gene Wilder Appreciation Day in Fitzgerald, GA. I think that’s pretty cool. The Mayor proclaimed it so during a reception at our church today. And I’m not talking about the actor Gene Wilder , I’m talking about my dad.

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    Childhood Stories

    I’m at my parents’ house in Fitzgerald, going through boxes of my old junk before they move. I had forgotten about all the stories I worte as a child – there must have been at least two dozen I found today. They range from narrative novels about kids my age, to horror stories and even a few horror films. All of them awful – but I remember they were a lot of fun to write. And even thought I don’t think I’d ever want anyone else to read them, I can’t throw them away. So I put them in another box so I can forget about them again, and rediscover them the next time I move.

    Back from Vacation

    Lee and I just got back from vacation in Virginia a few days ago, and are still playing hookey from work. It’s the best. Virginia was great… beautiful mountains and scenery – little farm houses and rolling hills and everything green. Tomorrow we head to Fitzgerald to visit my family for one last time before they make their big move to Tennessee.

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