The Friday Five

The Friday Five
1. Where were you born? Baltimore, Maryland.
2. If you still live there, where would you rather move to? If you don’t live there, do you want to move back? Why or why not? I moved away when I was 5, but have always enjoyed visiting. I would probably enjoy living there, but I’m happy here in Savannah, too.
3. Where in the world do you feel the safest?A bomb shelter.
4. Do you feel you are well-traveled? Yes and no. I’ve been to lots of states and several countries, especially within the last few years. But I’ve not been anywhere out of the ordinary, and most of my overseas travel was done with big tour groups. I’d like to go back to those places and explore a little more.
5. Where is the most interesting place you’ve been? Innsbruck, Austria. I was only there for one night, but it was such a beautiful place – right in the middle of the mountains, with a great downtown and seemingly lots to do. Plenty of culture without big city headaches.

Baby Boredom

What do Babies want to do? I babysat for a friend tonight who has a precious little seven month old girl. I was only going to be there for an hour, so I thought it would be pretty simple. But within the first 5 minutes, we’d done all I could think of doing, and she was so bored with me.

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Millie’s Parole Violation

Last month, Lee and I granted Millie the freedom of being left alone in the house – and she was a holy terror. We sentenced her to spending our working days in the crate. Well, today she was clean from a bath and sleeping sweetly on the couch when I was getting ready for work, so I decided to grant her parole. She’d spent all weekend at the kennel while we visited my folks, and she usually is so sleepy the first day back. But not this time. As soon as I left, it was party time.

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My Long Distance Dedication

Okay, so I know it’s weird to be excited about long distance service. but I am. I always thought some phone company ought to offer unlimited long-distance calls. How convenient. Pick up the phone and call whomever and never think about what time of day it is in regard to your calling plan. We just got a new calling plan through MCI, it’s called The Neighborhood. For about 50 bucks a month, they cover my local and long distance. I can call anyone in the lower 48 states anytime I want, and talk as long as I want, and my monthly bill will always be the same. Sounds good in a sales pitch… we’ll see how it works in reality.


Lee and I just returned from visiting my folks in Jefferson City, Tennessee. It was dad’s first Sunday at the First Baptist Church there, and it went really well. I was very proud of him. The town is small, and nestled in the foothills of the mountains. The people are friendly and there is lots to do nearby. I’m looking forward to going back and getting to hike through the mountains and do some of the “nature” stuff around the area.

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Family Bonding

Mom, Dad, Uncle Barry and Aunt Carol visited this weekend – and it was a blast. Saturday, we became total tourists and took one of those trolleys around town, then ate really good food. A lot of really good food. We listened to live jazz at the Mercury Lounge, and walked around City Market checking out all the different clubs. Then today, more good food, and a walk along the beach. It was good to be with family, and reminded me of the things I love about this town.

PowerPuff Girls Rule!

Lee and I just saw the PowerPuff Girls movie, and it rocked. I liked a lot of the animation and loved the storyline. It made me laugh out loud – even if I’m probably too old to like them. I don’t care. All I know, is monkeys are bad.

Friday Five (a day late)
So I’m a day late – who cares. Here goes anyway.
1. Where are you right now? At my computer in my Savannah home, about to go eat with my mom, dad, aunt, and uncle who are visiting.
2. What have you lost recently? A hotel receipt my boss needed because I charged it to his credit card. Yikes. The hotel faxed another one over thank goodness.
3. What was the first CD you ever purchased? Does that embarrass you now? “August and Everything After” by Counting Crows – and no, I’m not embarrassed.
4. What is your favorite kind of writing pen? I can’t remember the name – I think it’s like “Dr. Gel” or something like that. It’s for people with arthritis. I don’t have arthritis, but I still think it feels yummy.
5. What is your favorite ice cream flavor? I really like Rocky Road.

My Brush with a Backstreet Boy

I don’t own any Backstreet Boys albums. I don’t even know that much about them. I think one of the guys could walk by me in a crowd, and I wouldn’t recognize them. But I know what it’s like to be that little girl infatuated with a boy band – because that’s how I felt about New Kids on the Block. Yes, I’ll admit it. I once wallpapered my bedroom with NKOTB photos.

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Independence from Intelligence

I heard the worst thing on the radio today. The D.J. was getting random people on the phone and asking them questions related to Independence Day, political stuff, etc. Only a few knew who Dick Cheney was. Worst of all – he asked one guy what Independence Day was, and he said, “the day we got our independence.” The D.J. asked who we were declaring Independence from, and the guy said, “Freedom?” Nice. Classy.