Month: January 2004

Four Giant Steps for Mankind

I remember when Lee and I first saw our house, as we stepped out the back door to check out the yard, I glanced at the steps and thought, “We’ll have to replace these.” They were old, rickety,… Read More

MMMM… massage

When I opened our Christmas gift from Nikki and Andrew in December, I literally gasped I was so excited. It was a gift certificate for a “couple’s massage” at one of our local spas. I’ve only had a… Read More

Partly to Mostly Cloudy

I think my life is cloudy right now. I’m very lucky that most of the time, I have a sunny life. But sometimes there are things that weigh on you in a way that seems heavy and gray…. Read More

She’s a Star

Meet Nia, the news anchor. She looks right at home on the set, and has to be one of the cutest babies ever. She has the personality to match, too. Watch out Katie Couric.

Ice Dogs!

My throat hurts. It’s my fault. I screamed through the UGA hockey game tonight. The Ice Dogs were in town for the annual tournament against UF and GaTech, and totally beat up on Tech tonight. This tournament introduced… Read More

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Last night, just as I was falling asleep, Lee whispered, “Look out the window.” I opened my eyes and all I could see was the glaring light that always pours into our window from the neighbor’s house next… Read More


I did my first ever yoga class today, and I really liked it. I wasn’t necessarily seeking a yoga class, it was the only class offered today at a time I could manage. At first, it was really… Read More

A New Year

When you step outside, it’s hard to believe it’s January. The weather is warm, even the breezes are warm – so warm I find myself thinking about sandals and the beach. It’s supposed to hit 79 degrees today…. Read More