Month: August 2004

Gearing Up

Lee really wanted a new video game tonight. I got rain gear instead. Rain gear isn’t nearly as fun, but I suppose it’s more necessary (depending on who you ask). I wanted to get a rain jacket and… Read More


I was sitting at a table outside a restaurant downtown last week, and it was a beautiful, sunny day. But I was amused to see a plastic pink flamingo stuck in the dirt next to the street, wearing… Read More


I remember being on the beach several years ago, watching a group of kids on a field trip pulling up their pants’ legs and darting into the surf. They screamed, they laughed, and you could tell they didn’t… Read More

The De-Claw De-Bate

I had “call vet” on my to-do list all week. I was committed and ready. But today when I picked up the phone, I froze. I couldn’t make the call. I’ve been debating for a couple years about… Read More

Checking Out The Local Hooters

I was eating a chicken strip when a waitress walked behind me and I glanced over, and unintentionally got an eyeful of her cheeks. Not the ones on her face. That is the image I’ll remember from Hooters…. Read More


This is Bucket. He’s one of my favorite zoo creatures. The zoo was one the best parts of our vacation. There were a lot of great animals, neat exhibits, and I had fun snapping away with my camera…. Read More

A Princely Evening

Saturday morning, Lee and I hit the tourist sites again, opting for museums because it was raining. We visited the Holocaust Memorial – very moving, yet very depressing as I suppose it should be. Then we lifted our… Read More

Washington DC is great, but Virginia tried to steal my wallet

Lee and I are resting in our hotel room, putting up our aching feet after a full morning and afternoon in Washington, DC. I love being on vacation. I love being on vacation so much, that we left… Read More

Erin and Dave

Lee and I love throwing parties, and if we’re in the hosting mood, nearly any occasion is reason to invite people to our home. But last weekend, we had a very special reason to celebrate. Earlier this summer,… Read More

Severe Weather?

When I sat down at my computer this morning to check my daily weather forecast, I expected to see sunshine icons and nothing more. So, I was quite alarmed to see a “Severe Weather Alert” scrolling across the… Read More