Month: November 2004

A Spirited Neighbor

This is the view from our front porch. I shouldn’t have been surprised. When I turned down my street tonight after work, it was dark – except for the strange glow I could see near my house. As… Read More

The Christmas Tree Mission

The tree is standing. It is decorated. No one was harmed. I love getting our Christmas tree every year. Lee, however, has had some unfortunate incidents with the tree (like being stuck holding up a wet tree for… Read More

Pimp My Ride

To quote Xzibit on MTV, “I’ve been pimped, daddy.” I had to work a night shift Thursday, so Lee and I decided that left our morning free for more exciting things like buying a car. Even though the… Read More

Retiring the Grand-Ammit

For nearly ten years, my car has carried me to and from college, to and from new jobs, new cities, back and forth between Savannah and Gainesville to see Lee, and lots of places in between. It has… Read More


A cold front came through yesterday, but we refuse to turn on our heater. Instead, we just cuddle for warmth. Here are three of my favorite creatures all snuggled down.

A Day To Be Counted

I turned right onto Tennessee Avenue and gasped. The cars. The people. There were so many of them. As I slowly drove along the narrow street, lined on both sides with parked cars, I couldn’t believe this was… Read More

Intelligent Voting

I feel tomorrow will be one of the most important elections I’ve faced since I became a registered voter. I believe everyone should vote. Even if someone else’s vote will cancel out my vote, I think they should… Read More