Month: January 2005

Out With The Stank, In With The Swank

Four years ago I bought a new sofa, and was pretty proud of myself. It was the first piece of grown-up furniture I’d ever bought. Soon after, my cat started shredding it. And shredding it. Until the arms… Read More

A Hometown Reunion of Sorts

When I got ready for church this morning, I spent extra time on my hair. I cursed my makeup for not doing a better job covering the two pimples on my cheek, and asked Lee for the fifth… Read More

The Annual “Yell Yourself Silly” Hockey Game

Yesterday, I was nursing a sore throat. Not because of the sudden chill in the air, but because I spent Saturday night screaming. It was the annual hockey classic – the one chance each year to see ice… Read More

A Town United

The closer I got into town, the more yellow ribbons I saw wrapped around tree trunks and telephone poles. On the bridge over the viaduct, several dozen American flags flapped in the breeze. Along the highway, in front… Read More

So Proud of Him

When the alarm went off this morning, I was the one who had to turn it off. Usually Lee is up before me, and wakes me up. Then he’s out the door and off to a job that… Read More

From Cozumel to Detox

After many days of travel, it’s good to be home. But looking at that picture makes me want to be back on that beach again. Lee and I just got back today from a whirlwind of trips. A… Read More