Month: July 2005

Post-Potter Depression

Two weeks ago, Lee and I returned to the house after walking the dog, to find mail sticking out of our mailbox. I grabbed the envelopes, then behind them I saw it. The box. With my copy of… Read More

House Woes

The good news is… our new house will have a gigantic backyard, a fountain and pond, a pool, tennis courts, and a basketball court. Our new house will be a little small, but the yard will have a… Read More

A Big Step Closer

They signed our counter-offer. Ohmygoodness they signed our counter-offer! Lee and I broke out a bottle of our favorite wine and talked about all the things we love about the new house and all the projects we plan… Read More

The Offer

I was just pulling into the driveway after work when my cell phone rang. It was our real estate agent, and she said, “I have good news.” The words I have been waiting to hear! “An agent is… Read More

Our Dog, The Human

A prospective buyer came over earlier tonight, so Lee and I needed to get Millie out of the house for an hour. We decided to take her to the Savannah Dog Park. We’d never been before, and I… Read More

Take Cover

Lee and I were sitting on our sofa, watching a movie and eating popcorn, and trying to ignore the thunderstorm outside. There had been flashes of lightning all night, but suddenly it seemed like the lightning was in… Read More

A Contract!

After many tense moments, negotiations, wrangling over words, and a moderate amount of arm twisting, the owner of the precious house pictured above signed a contract. The house is ours… oh if only it were that simple. First… Read More

Sell This House

When I looked at our Tivo tonight and saw it was recording another episode of “sell this house,” I was not surprised. We’ve been watching an awful lot of that show, along with “designed to sell” – shows… Read More