Month: March 2006

Letter to Baby: Ultrasound Day

Hello again little one! I hope you are resting well after your big day. Although I think it was a lot bigger for me and your dad – all you knew was that someone kept squishing you and… Read More

All Dressed Up

The moment I walked outside this morning, I could tell this was no normal day. For one, it’s a weekday morning, but the school across the street was quiet. There was zero traffic on our street, and almost… Read More

Letter to Baby: Week 20

Today is a big day, little one! We made it to the halfway mark of this pregnancy. When I woke up this morning, that was one of my first thoughts, and I sent your dad a text message… Read More


The calendar wishes to maintain that spring doesn’t arrive for a week and a half. But 3 clues tell me otherwise. 1. The azaleas are really beginning to bloom. Lee took the above photo at dusk in our… Read More

Never Too Old for Parties and Toys

Today is Lee’s birthday – it’s only one day, but this year it’s one of a four-day-long celebration. He deserves it. The festivities began Friday when his mom came to town and we had dinner at Firefly, one… Read More

Letter to Baby: Week 18

Hello little one! It has been three weeks since my last letter, and my how we’ve grown. You’re about twice the size you were at week 15, and I can tell. We went to the doctor this morning,… Read More