Month: May 2007

Letter to Camille: The Big Girl Class

Hello sweet girl. Sweet, big girl! Do you know what’s hanging on our refrigerator right now? Artwork. Your artwork. I could hardly believe it this afternoon when I picked you up from baby school. As I was holding… Read More

Brushing Up on My Potter

I know the Harry Potter books are written for kids, but let’s be honest. They’re complicated. And fascinating. So, in preparation for the upcoming release of the seventh volume, I’m re-reading volume #6. I’ve done this every time… Read More

Playin’ in the Park

I’ve been out of the business for nearly 2 years, but I still feel like I’m getting away with something when I have a holiday off. That was one part of my previous career that got old. Quickly…. Read More

Sprucing Up

My bones are weary and my muscles ache, but that discomfort is tempered by a feeling of accomplishment. Alva came to visit this weekend, and we seized the opportunity to knock out some house projects. The biggest task… Read More

Still an Infant

Turns out, the woman at baby school who told me Camille would be moving to the “waddler” room on Tuesday was mistaken. I was talking with the other teachers today about Camille’s big move, when the daycare manager… Read More

A Puzzle Possessed

She likes the puzzle, but we may have to take it away. I think it’s possessed. Camille has recently begun playing with this wooden puzzle. When you put an animal piece in its proper cut-out, the puzzle makes… Read More

Letter to Camille: Ten Months

Happy 10 month birthday sweet girl! You’re in bed asleep right now, worn out after a fun day. The weather today was perfect – bright blue skies almost as blue as your eyes, with a warm sun but… Read More

That New Mac Smell

Ahhhh. The smell of new plastic. The beautiful sheen of an unscratched, unsmudged laptop. My new MacBook arrived yesterday. Lee and I had been talking about getting a new one because my old laptop (really a Lee-hand-me-down, but… Read More

Vacation Fun!

Where do I start? We arrived home Tuesday morning from our first big family vacation. It was… what’s the right word to use? Great? Wonderful? Incredible. I think it’s so good that despite the literal distance between us,… Read More


I shouldn’t be blogging. I should be sleeping. My alarm is going off at 4 a.m., but I have a feeling I won’t fall asleep quickly tonight. I’M TOO EXCITED. Tomorrow, we’re heading to Portland to see Anna… Read More