Month: July 2007

Back to Reality

It has been a great few weeks. We’ve had lots of company – the happy combination of Camille’s birthday and teachers’ schedules. Because mom and Erin have the summer off, they’ve been able to come visit more than… Read More

Cami’s Birthday Bash

Miss Camille’s birthday party was SO MUCH FUN. Leading up to the party, I told myself it was okay if things weren’t perfect. I’d been warned that having a big party for a one year old can be… Read More

Letter to Camille: Happy First Birthday!

Happy Birthday, sweet girl! Right now you are sleeping hard after a big, fun day. Can you believe you are one year old? I can’t. This time one year ago we were just beginning to get acquainted. You… Read More

This Time, One Year Ago Today…

…I was exchanging emails with friends about how to notify them when Camille was born. …I had a belly full of baby! That belly also proudly wore my “I voted” sticker. My wedding rings were on a necklace… Read More

Prelude to a Potter

Last night, I finished the 6th Harry Potter book (again), choking back tears (again) when I got to the tragic ending. Lee and I watched the new movie last week, which helped me recap the 5th book. Now,… Read More

Spring Cleaning in July

One day, if I’m lucky enough to be a grandmother, I hope I’m physically able to help Camille the way her grandparents help me. Each time they visit, they swoop in and manage to take care of Camille,… Read More


I love aquariums, and I can only imagine how huge and exciting they must seem to a baby. Floor to ceiling glass, like the biggest TV they’ve ever seen, showing a brightly-colored, constant motion nature show. Last weekend,… Read More

Adventures in the Library

I took a sick day yesterday to be with Miss Camille, who has the worst case of diaper rash in recorded history. She needed to be at home with me so I could take care of her, but… Read More

A Visit from Aunt Erin

Camille got spoiled. I got spoiled. We all got spoiled when Aunt Erin was in town last week. She came up from Miami and spent almost a whole week with us, and it was so great to have… Read More