Month: October 2007

My Thanks to Four Strangers

I was already a little annoyed to be working late. It was 7 p.m. after a full day of work, and I’d left my husband and baby at the house so I could go to a meeting on… Read More

I Heart Friends

I want to write about friends. I want to write about missing them, but I just don’t want to sound so depressing. Even though it is depressing. Trent left yesterday and took a little sunshine with him. When… Read More

House Update

Everyone kept telling me this was a lousy real estate market. Okay, okay, I’m a believer. We sold our last house at just the right time. The housing market was still hot, we showed our house several times… Read More

Letter to Camille: Fifteen Months

Hello sweet sleeping bear! You’re all snuggled down in your crib with the mandatory two pacifiers (in case you lose one during the night) and a stuffed animal. Tonight it’s your stuffed dog, or “oof oof” as you… Read More

Friendly Mom With Baby Seeks Same

I’ve said it before and it’s still true – I crave the company of other girlfriends with babies. The kind you can call up at the last minute on a Saturday morning and say, “hey – wanna bring… Read More

Fun With Nana

My mom left yesterday after spending four days with us – four fun days spent playing, laughing, and generally doing whatever Camille wanted to do. It had been 3 long months since mom had seen her. The last… Read More

When Clothes Talk

When we picked Camille up from baby school today, she was wearing a fresh outfit and the clothes we’d put on her this morning were wrapped in a plastic bag. This is not unusual. She loves to play… Read More


Happy 500th blog post, Gummibunny! Two of Camille’s favorite things are walking around outside and dogs, so Lee and I knew Octoberfest would be a hit. This morning, we wandered up and down Riverstreet through a sea of… Read More