Month: November 2007

Got the Message

Camille seems to be learning more and more words every day, and is getting really good at understanding what we say to her. I think we’re getting better at understanding her too, and it’s been really cool to… Read More

Picture Perfect Thanksgiving

It was a picture perfect Thanksgiving, which is why I was quite upset with myself for not bringing a back-up camera battery. I was able to snag this cute photo of Camille and Granddaddy snuggling for warmth during… Read More

Letter to Camille: Sixteen Months

Hello sweet sleeping Princess, and Happy Month 16! You finally seem to have quieted down after another coughing fit. I’m so sorry you’re still going through all these winter/childhood illnesses, and I wish there were more I could… Read More

Naps Are For Babies

…and apparently today, Camille was not feeling like a baby. Or something else might be up, I don’t know. She has a cold, but it didn’t seem like that was keeping her up. All I know is this:… Read More

Here She Is!

Sweet Stella-Bella (my nickname for her). So adorable. I can’t wait to see her in one week!

Stella Marie

Happy Birthday Stella Marie! I nearly gave myself an ulcer today waiting for the news, but at 2:15, my niece was born! Now I’m drumming my fingers and checking my email every 3 seconds to see if my… Read More

Starting My Third Decade Off Right

I spent my birthday weekend with Lee and Camille visiting one of my favorite families in the world, and it was a wonderful way to celebrate. I think the only person who may have enjoyed it more than… Read More

Paroled, But Not Pardoned

On April 21st, Luca got kicked out of the house. She bit Camille for the second time, and although she’d never done any real damage, I didn’t want to take a risk. So I tossed her onto our… Read More

Stupid, Stupid Idea

Thanks Ben Franklin. Thanks for nothing. Thanks for coming up with the idea of daylight saving time, or as I like to call it, screw-with-the-baby’s-sleep-schedule time. I understand that this daylight saving time idea really took hold during… Read More

My Little Ming-Ming Duckling

As a candy-holic, I’ve always liked Halloween. But I was especially excited about this year, because we planned to take Camille trick-or-treating for the first time. And it was so much fun! At least, I had fun. I… Read More