Month: December 2007

Camille’s Masterpiece

Camille has enjoyed coloring for months. When she spots her coloring book, she says “Paper! Paper!” Then I pull out the crayons, which she also calls paper. That’s because whenever she starts coloring on the floor or the… Read More

She’s Been Nice This Year…

…so I guess that’s why she got so many great presents for Christmas! Seriously, Camille made off like a bandit and we have to go out this afternoon and buy containers to pack up some of her old… Read More

Makes Perfect Sense

Christmas was wonderful – Miss Baby had a super-fun time and got tons of good stuff. We have some great pictures too that I’ll post ASAP. But first, I didn’t want to forget what I saw last night… Read More

Letter to Camille: Seventeen Months

Hello sweet sleeping bunny, and Happy 17 Month Birthday! We just tucked you in after a nice bath and you seem to be sleeping soundly. Your bath went well – they’re going much better now that we’ve figured… Read More

Say Cheese!

There have been many moments when I’ve thought to myself, “I wish we were on a reality TV show so camera crews could just follow us around.” I say this for two reasons – 1.) because Camille is… Read More

Tennessee Christmas

Those are some happy faces, and I don’t think the smiles were just for the camera. We celebrated Christmas in Tennessee last weekend and had a blast. I took a lot of pictures to make up for my… Read More

Santa’s Shipping Charges Are Ridiculous

I’ll be the first to admit that I was out of control. I’m just getting over a recent obsession – the obsession to find the perfect Christmas gift for Camille. I know it’s crazy, because I should enjoy… Read More

Some Christmas Cheer

We started off our Christmas revelry a little rockier than usual. I typically love picking out our tree and wanted to take Camille along for a big tree-picking adventure. But the weekend we’d planned to decorate, she was… Read More

The Enemy In My Own Kitchen

Lee and I received several sets of beautiful crystal glasses for our wedding. They have a wonderful weight and feel, and I felt it would be a shame to only pull them out for special occasions. So we… Read More

How May We Help You?

It reminded me of moving into my dorm room in college. Not only were we hauling a mini-fridge and microwave up the elevator, but we were settling into the first office space we could call ours. I remember… Read More