Month: March 2008

Music Revival

I hadn’t realized until recently the extent to which quality music had become absent from my life. I love love love the news and talk programs on NPR, so I’d say 80% of the time I spend in… Read More


Quick – somebody go hide some eggs, because this child loves to hunt. Miss Camille has very much enjoyed this Easter season, as have I. One day I will teach her about the greater meaning of Easter, but… Read More

Falling Back In Love With Our ‘Hood

Maybe it was the burst of pink from all the azalea bushes in the park near our house. Maybe it was the thought of Sand Gnats baseball games starting up again. Maybe it was warmer weather beckoning us… Read More

Letter to Camille: Twenty Months

Hello sweet snugglebunny all cozy in your crib, and Happy 20-month Birthday! You had a busy day, and seemed quite ready to put on your duck pajamas and get under the covers tonight. You played with your Nana… Read More

A Stroll in the Park

Yesterday, we were still sick at home, but beginning to feel just a tiny bit better. Just enough to give us cabin fever. We love to take Camille places – the park, the store, the mall, the playground… Read More


Ugh. Poor Camille has the flu, confirmed by a test at the doctor’s office. I think her Daddy and I have it too. I’m aggravated because we all got our flu shots, but I understand the vaccine wasn’t… Read More


Camille usually wakes up from her nap asking for Mama. So today, I was a little confused when I heard her little voice saying, “Boo? Boo? Boo?” at the end of her nap. I stood outside the door… Read More

My Boy

So glad he was born, and so glad he’s mine. Happy Birthday to the love of my life.

Cuba: Part Two

Aside from the architecture, the other sight that catches your attention immediately is the old 50s era vehicle rambling down the bumpy highway next to you. Before the revolution and ensuing embargo, most of the cars in Cuba… Read More

Cuba: Part One

Our trip was great – an experience I find hard to explain. People ask us, “How was Cuba?” – a fairly straightforward question, but the answer isn’t as simple. I’ve never been anywhere quite like Cuba, a place… Read More