Month: April 2008

Can Little Nia Bean Be Five?

I can’t believe Nia is 5 years old. Five just sounds so… big! Last weekend, we went to Winder to visit with the Valleses and celebrate Nia’s 5th birthday. Nia is such a special girl – so smart,… Read More


Secretly, I think I’ve wanted Camille to have a “lovie.” I had a favorite blanket as a child, and was so attached to it my parents had to cut it into smaller and smaller pieces until there was… Read More

Letter to Camille: Twenty-One Months

Hi sweet girl! I hope you are dreaming sweet dreams right now about all your favorite things, like playgrounds, running in the grass, naked baby dolls, and strawberries. You are 21 months old today, and that sounds really… Read More

Off to a Good Start

Wednesday morning, my first official day at Heideldesign, we found a parking spot on the second floor of the parking deck just across the street from our building. Lee got out of the car and asked, “I wonder… Read More

A New Chapter

I don’t feel that different yet. Maybe it’ll sink in tomorrow when Lee and I ride together to our office. Or Friday when I don’t take Camille to daycare, and don’t have to feel guilty about it. But… Read More

Camille’s Paci Goes Night-Night

From the day we brought Camille home from the hospital, she has liked her pacifier. In the past few months, I feel that her affection for “pass” (as she calls it) has grown, or maybe she’s just better… Read More

Shower for Baby Jones

How excited am I about Erin and Dave’s baby-to-be? Ummmm… is there even a word for it? Super-duper excited. Mega-excited. Excited times infinity. I’m excited for Erin and Dave, and very excited to meet Baby Jones and hold… Read More