Month: May 2008

3 Degrees of Separation

We got out the door early this morning to beat the crowds headed to the beach for Memorial Day. The weather was great and we got a parking spot right at the boardwalk, which is handy for schlepping… Read More


That’s my sleep number. After years of sleeping on an old mattress, after countless nights of rolling toward the valley in the middle of the bed, after numerous mornings of extracting ourselves from the indentations our bodies wore… Read More


Oh my goodness I think this little guy is cute. This felt elephant hair clip is not perfect by any means, and he probably won’t last long hanging on for dear life to the hair of a very… Read More

China Update

I haven’t been able to speak to my dad since he arrived in China, but have been lucky enough to get fairly regular emails from him. The updates have been fascinating and heart breaking, and I thought I’d… Read More

Letter to Camille: Twenty-Two Months

Hi sweet bunny and Happy 22 Month Birthday! Right now you’re sleeping all snuggled in the cutest sleeping gown, and you look like such a big girl in it. Until now, your pajamas have been a mixture of… Read More

My New Hobby

Several months ago, I bought Camille some super-cute felt hairclips from Maya Papaya on, and loved them so much. But unfortunately, all three have been lost, most likely in the mulch covering Camille’s playground at school. Then… Read More

Heartbroken for China

I had Headline News on Monday morning as I was getting ready for work, only half-listening. But suddenly, I was glued to the set as the anchor began telling a story about the earthquake in China. At that… Read More

Mother’s Day Weekend

I couldn’t have asked for a better Mother’s Day weekend. I got to be with my girl and my mom, and had the chance to show Camille off to lots of family members I hadn’t seen in much… Read More


The beds of ivy in front of our house are also home to a lot of weeds, much to my annoyance. But one welcome intrusion is a patch of wild blackberries. I love blackberries, and it’s an affection… Read More