Month: December 2008

Christmas Cookie Playdate

Miss Camille was so excited to be invited to a milk and cookies playdate today at Elsie’s house. The two friends enjoyed reindeer sugar cookies in Elsie’s new playroom before posing in front of the tree as the… Read More

Holiday Recycling Idea

Lee gets all the credit for this holiday recycling idea, 12 months in the making. We saved all our Christmas cards last year and are reusing them this year to make gift tags. We’re cutting out certain parts… Read More

Letter to Camille: Twenty-Nine Months

Happy Twenty-Nine Month Birthday sweet girl! Just a few minutes ago, I put you in your crib and watched you scoot as close to the wall as you could – just like you do every night. You reached… Read More

Matching Beauties

Last weekend we enjoyed our annual pilgrimage to Tennessee for a Christmas celebration at Nana and Granddaddy’s house. It’s always a fun weekend, but I found myself looking forward to it even more this year. I couldn’t wait… Read More


While watching dolphins break the surface of the Savannah River today, Camille says, “Those dolphins are a little bit gay.” Sure, she meant gray. But that’s not what she said.


I love how much Camille’s vocabulary is growing, and I adore all the funny things she says as she tries out her new language skills. I can’t keep all these unintentionally humorous sayings to myself and I want… Read More

Christmas Parade

I know, I’m ridiculously sappy, but watching Camille at the Christmas parade tonight just melted me. As each float or marcher wound by our spot in Reynolds Square, Camille waved with a mittened hand and called out, “Hi!… Read More

Foofa Stocking

Several years ago, before Lee and I had a child and still had lots of free time, I made our Christmas stockings. It seemed like a fun, creative project of minimal difficulty, and I enjoyed giving each of… Read More

Photo Shoot

Last month, we had our annual family photo shoot. I say annual, although this was only the second year we’ve done it. But I really enjoy having professional family photos, so I’m planning for this to be an… Read More