Month: July 2009

More Juvenile Hilarity

FYI – this will only be funny to Harry Potter fans. But this Harry Potter fan thought it was hilarious. Web Soup, a show on G4TV, ran a twitter contest, looking for the best “yo mama” jokes related… Read More

Out of Context

Thanks to Regal Cinemas, we’ve had the opportunity to go to a few free kid movies this summer. Every Tuesday and Wednesday, our local Regal shows a G rated and a PG rated movie for free – of… Read More

Southeastern Tour

We’re settling back in this week after Camille and I took a trip around the southeast, just the two of us. We missed our man terribly, but I was glad Lee was able to enjoy a boys weekend,… Read More

Robot Computer Fairy

I just love this picture. One of Camille’s birthday presents was a pink laptop, and the first day she got it, she announced, “I have to make a little website!” Lee and I thought this was hilarious, given… Read More

Letter to Camille: Happy 3rd Birthday!

Hello birthday princess! Can it be? Are you really three? It is hard for me to believe that in just three years you can change so much from a tiny, helpless baby into this beautiful, loving, vibrant and… Read More


I have such fond childhood memories of vacationing with family along the Gulf Coast of Florida – mostly in Destin and Mexico Beach. And while it may seem strange to plan a Florida beach vacation when we live… Read More

Happy Fourth!

We’ve had a great week, beginning last Sunday when we traveled to the Gulf Coast for a few days of family vacay – much more on that later. Then Friday, Uncle Trent and Michelle came to spend the… Read More