Hello Everything

Camille is a quick study, and has figured out that a simple twist of her wrist makes me giddy. She has learned to wave, and it is SO adorable. I don’t think she understands the social significance of… Read More

Baby and the Beast

I was heating up some baby food tonight as Camille sat happily in her seat on the floor in the kitchen. After pulling the containers from the microwave, I turned around to glance at her to make sure… Read More

Daycare Woes

Today, Camille had a good day at daycare. Or so the daycare workers tell us and so I hope. But I wonder if they’re just trying to tell me what I want to hear because they’ve figured out… Read More

11 Days Til Christmas!

Every time I look at our Christmas tree, I marvel at our good fortune. Selecting, positioning and decorating the tree has often been a source of joy, but also great frustration, cursing, and financial distress. In the back… Read More

Camille’s Latest Likes and Dislikes, As Illustrated Through a Photo Montage

Likes: Feet Within the last couple of days, Camille has discovered she has feet. Awesome feet. Today, nearly every time I’ve placed her on her back, her hands immediately grasped her toes. I can’t blame her. They are… Read More

TV Addict

It may look like Camille and I are just snuggling on the sofa, but that’s not all. As it turns out, Camille is a big fan of Wheel of Fortune too, which is what we were watching a… Read More

Happy Halloween, Sweet Pea!

What a cutiepie! Camille was a pea in a pod for Halloween. I spent all day calling her my little pea pod, and just melted as soon as I slipped the fuzzy green costume over her head. I’m… Read More

Life Lesson

About halfway through yesterday’s Georgia – Florida game, I had a talk with Camille. Me: Cami, sometimes, when your team isn’t having a good season, and they’re getting clobbered, you have to put on your uniform and cheer… Read More

Cami’s First Cold Snap

When my alarm went off yesterday morning and I reached out from under the covers to hit the snooze button, I was shocked at how cold it was in our house. Usually, I love this feeling. I’ll pull… Read More


Every time I look at this picture, I want to laugh. I hope that doesn’t make me a bad mom. Alva and Erin were in town this weekend to celebrate Alva’s birthday. Friday night, everyone donned a party… Read More