Playin’ in the Park

I’ve been out of the business for nearly 2 years, but I still feel like I’m getting away with something when I have a holiday off. That was one part of my previous career that got old. Quickly…. Read More

Still an Infant

Turns out, the woman at baby school who told me Camille would be moving to the “waddler” room on Tuesday was mistaken. I was talking with the other teachers today about Camille’s big move, when the daycare manager… Read More

So Big

I was looking through some of my photos. Who’s so big? That was then: This is now: Same hat. Much bigger girl!

Standing Up For Herself

Didn’t she just start crawling? I think crawling gave Camille a little taste of independence, and the confidence to try something even more grand. Sunday, she pulled up to a standing position for the first time by herself…. Read More

Li’l Sand Gnat

Tonight we introduced Camille to one of our favorite Savannah pastimes – Sand Gnats baseball. She donned her Cincinnati Reds baseball cap and we strolled through Daffin Park over to Grayson stadium to meet another family for the… Read More

Sandy Baby

The weather has turned quite warm, so Lee and I felt today’s blue skies created a perfect opportunity to give Camille her first real taste of Tybee Island. We found a fantastic parking spot, and snagged a stretch… Read More

Sick and Tired of Sickness

When I picked her up to get her ready for a bath last night, Camille felt a little warm. I didn’t want to take her temperature, tired of discovering yet another fever, but I had to know. Sure… Read More

Camille’s First Blog Entry

Camille and I are hanging out on the floor, and she’s been happily banging on a steel pot with a wooden spoon, while I catch up on reading some blogs. Or, trying to. Sweet Camille just crawled over… Read More

A Big Weekend

For weeks, Camille has been scooting around, sliding along our hardwood floors, pushing herself up into crawling position, then flopping back down on her belly again. But last Friday, her arms and legs finally got together and agreed… Read More

She’s Back!

The last several days we have had the pleasure of caring for a happy, smiling, ray of sunshine also known as Camille. She has been nothing but fun, making me laugh over and over at her funny antics…. Read More