Field Day and a Day at the Field

Camille had the chance to participate in another childhood rite of passage recently – the school Field Day competitions. She had a blast, and we had fun watching her compete and cheer her head off for her classmates…. Read More

Meeting Mr. Eli

On Mother’s Day, my dear sister-in-law received the best possible gift – a healthy baby. And last weekend we finally had a chance to meet Eli, an adorable bundle of cuddles and coos who couldn’t be any sweeter…. Read More

Why Friday the 13th is My Lucky Day

It’s official. As of today, I have spent more of my life in a relationship with Lee than without him. Seventeen years ago today, on Friday, May 13th when I was 16 years old, he picked me up… Read More

Off to a good start

This weekend was a super beginning to a week of spring break. Friday night was spent with good friends, Saturday was productive, and today was most egg-celent. Camille slept with her bunny ears last night so that when… Read More

Birthday Requests

I don’t know when we started the tradition, but every year on Lee’s birthday he gets to request a special meal. Sometimes it’s an old favorite, but most often it’s something new and different that he’s come across… Read More

The Boy Needed a Hobby

It’s not that Lee doesn’t have enough stuff to do – in fact, it’s the opposite. He works so hard running our company and being a great dad and husband that it’s hard to find time for anything… Read More

My Better Half is Blogging!

Lee is not the kind of dad who believes the day-to-day tasks of parenting should be left to mom (glad we’re in agreement there!). Instead, he’s involved from our breakfast routine to our bathtime rituals and in between…. Read More

Her Very Own Day

Yesterday, it was officially Alva Heidel day in Fitzgerald, Georgia. The Mayor said so and even had a plaque to prove it. People packed into a reception hall for a retirement party in her honor. She has spent… Read More

Camille’s CBS Sports Debut

That’s right, my daughter has a quote in an article on, and it’s not about the Georgia Bulldogs. It’s about the peanut butter stomp. Lee has a quote too (a much longer one, but then again, he’s… Read More

Music and Dad

From what I can recall, my earliest musical education came from my father. Long before piano lessons or show choir performances, Dad encouraged me to really listen to music. To pick out the different instruments, pay attention to… Read More