Baby Jones-er

I want a family compound. You know, a cluster of separate homes sharing the same plot of land. I so enjoy spending time with my family, and it just doesn’t seem fair that we’re all so scattered. We… Read More

Good Company

So far, March has been a month of visitors, and that’s a very good thing. The first weekend we enjoyed Boo’s company. The second weekend, we had the good fortune to host Glen, one of Lee’s old college… Read More

I Made the Right Choice

I’ve had a great Valentine’s Day. I’m home after a nice evening out with my hubby, eating Thai food on Tybee Island, reminiscing about our early days and being so glad we found each other so soon in… Read More

Matching Beauties

Last weekend we enjoyed our annual pilgrimage to Tennessee for a Christmas celebration at Nana and Granddaddy’s house. It’s always a fun weekend, but I found myself looking forward to it even more this year. I couldn’t wait… Read More

Photo Shoot

Last month, we had our annual family photo shoot. I say annual, although this was only the second year we’ve done it. But I really enjoy having professional family photos, so I’m planning for this to be an… Read More

This Is Why I’m Thankful

Tonight, we were sitting on the living room couch when Lee pulled Camille up into his lap and declared it was “Cuddle Time!” Camille spread her arms open wide and flung herself at us saying, “Hug both!” After… Read More

Sugar Cane Festival

Last weekend, Oatland Island (one of our favorite kid-friendly locales) hosted their annual Cane Grinding Festival. Nana and Granddaddy were in town and joined Camille and me for the event. After Camille showed them her favorite barn animals,… Read More


The Savannah Jazz Festival is one of the 5,921 reasons I love living in Savannah. Every September, musicians offer free concerts in Forsyth Park, which quickly fills with lawn chairs, blankets and picnic baskets. Yesterday, Lee, Camille, Boo… Read More

A Grand Visit

We’re settling back in after a much needed visit to see the Grands in Tennessee. Camille had more fun than ought to be legal, playing with her grandparents, jumping on the bed, and DRIVING the golf cart. Yeah,… Read More


Every morning this week, Camille’s first words have been, “Auntie-Jones?”After her nap, “Auntie-Jones?”When we walk by the guest bedroom, “Auntie-Jones?” And if I counted the number of times we’ve had the following conversation, it would be close to… Read More