Jacksonville Zoo

On Labor Day, we took advantage of the work/school holiday for a road trip to Jacksonville and a day at the zoo. When am I going to learn that it’s still too hot in September for an all-day… Read More

The Nieces

On July 4th we headed down to Ormond Beach in Florida to visit with my brother, Michelle and the girls. They were vacationing there and we decided it would be a whole lot easier to join them in… Read More

Japan From an Artist’s View

We returned a few days ago from our trip to Japan, and it was a thrilling adventure. I’m still going through photos (while munching on Japanese snacks flavored with green tea) and gathering my thoughts so I can… Read More

Boating: Take 2

Camille’s first words to me this morning were “Happy Earth Day!,” as she burst into our room at precisely 7 a.m. That girl loves a holiday. And what better way to celebrate than by getting into nature via… Read More

Sunshine and Family Time

I’m back in Savannah tonight, listening to the rain falling on my roof, feeling grateful that the clouds stayed away until today. We spent the last couple of days at Boo’s house, enjoying her company as always, but… Read More

Welcome Baby Jane!

November 21st, this sweet baby girl made her entrance into the world. I am the lucky Aunt of adorable Baby Jane. We finally got a chance to meet her last weekend when we traveled to Alabama to spend… Read More

The Elf Family

So, everyone else is probably sick of these already, but this is my first time making one of these Elf Yourself videos. And I must say, I’m kind of excited to show this to Camille tomorrow. I think… Read More

Southeastern Tour

We’re settling back in this week after Camille and I took a trip around the southeast, just the two of us. We missed our man terribly, but I was glad Lee was able to enjoy a boys weekend,… Read More


I have such fond childhood memories of vacationing with family along the Gulf Coast of Florida – mostly in Destin and Mexico Beach. And while it may seem strange to plan a Florida beach vacation when we live… Read More

Happy Birthday to Jones!

I’m so happy it’s Baby Jones’ birthday! Guess we can’t call my nephew Baby Jones much longer, huh? Last weekend we got to celebrate sweet boy’s birthday with family in Fitzgerald. Have you ever seen such a cute… Read More