A Healthy Dose of Struggle

I put a new post up on the Howdy Kids site today in which I confess to being terribly overprotective. And I solemnly swear to back off a bit. (Just a little bit.) A Healthy Dose of Struggle

Howdy Kids!

This parenting thing is sometimes fun and this parenting thing is sometimes crazy, but this parenting thing is always best done with good, fun people. Two of my favorite people and favorite parents are Anna and Jason. You… Read More

Here’s to 2011

2011 was great. Really great. And I think it was fitting to cap off the year enjoying this great place where we live and the great friends who share it with us. New Years Eve arrived with brilliant… Read More

I Just Can’t Win

It seems every year I pledge that this will be the year with no Christmas tree drama. Lee would like a drama-free artificial, pre-lit tree, but I just love a fresh tree. In an effort to bolster my… Read More

Saying Thanks

With no school today, Camille got to watch the Veteran’s Day parade with some hot chocolate and some buddies (including the daughter of a veteran – how appropriate!). I asked her why we celebrate Veteran’s Day, and she… Read More

Dinner with a View

My dad came into town yesterday, and whenever we have guests I enjoy planning our meals. As I prepared for his visit I began thinking of different restaurants we might try. I knew I wanted something local, maybe… Read More

2 Week Countdown

Although the weather gives no hint that the end of summer is nearing, my calendar indicates otherwise. Two weeks are all we have left of summer break. Just two weeks until my big girl goes to the Big… Read More

Post-Potter Depression

I walked into the theater with mixed emotions. Finally – FINALLY – I was going to see the last Harry Potter movie. !!!!!!! But it is the last Harry Potter movie, and that is no cause for joy…. Read More

Blueberries Galore

I was greedy. I admit it and am unapologetic. When we showed up at Grandma Lou’s house in Moultrie to pick blueberries, the site of all the ripe fruit hanging from those trees made me salivate. It was… Read More

A Reluctant Carnivore’s Nightmare

I woke up around 2 a.m. in a panicky sweat. I had just eaten a kitten in a dream, the whole time crying over my plate because it tasted so good but it was so wrong. I blame… Read More