Goodbye Ms. Maggie

I was at the vet with Millie today. She wasn’t sick, just needed her yearly check up and shots. We were in the waiting area when a man came in holding a dog. I think she was a cocker spaniel. I could tell she was older because she had those smoky, glazed over eyes dogs get when they’re old and don’t see too well.
As the man talked with the vet tech at the desk, it became clear the dog was being put down today. I couldn’t tell if the man was upset or not, he didn’t really show any emotion. I started petting Millie, feeling sad about the situation, and she didn’t help when she starting whimpering.

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Live, Mondo grass, live!

Lee and I have been on vacation this week, and are finally finished working on the front yard – for now. Are you ever really finished when it comes to house work? I think not.
We’ve taken our yard from a dirt pile with mismatched azaleas and overgrown plant beds framed by cinderblocks — to what I believe to be a much nicer yard. We still have work to do; we bought all the dwarf mondo grass Home Depot had in stock – but it wasn’t nearly enough. So we won’t have a nice green yard completely until we can plant the rest, and we may do some more stuff with flowers … but check out our “Vacation” Pictures to see what we’ve done so far with the yard and porch light. Let’s just hope we don’t kill the new plants.

Ocean Wars

My mom came to visit Friday. Saturday, our plan was to spend a few hours soaking up sun at the beach. The weather, however, was not cooperating.
It had rained for six days straight. Saturday morning was no different, and when I woke I immediately heard the rain pounding my window. We decided to go to Tybee anyway and eat at the Breakfast Club, then go walk on the beach with our umbrellas. At least that way mom would get to see the ocean. We almost took our swimsuits – just in case. I even had mine in my hand as we were headed out the door, but it was so overcast I dropped it on the coffee table and left without it.

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When do we stop being fearless?
When I was younger, you couldn’t keep me out of the ocean if I had a chance to swim. We would visit the beach, and I would head straight for the waves, and not get out until it was time to pack it up and go back to the hotel. I would play in the water so long that at night, when I closed my eyes, I could still feel the rocking motion of the waves. Nothing would stop me – not the fear of skin cancer, sharks, pollutants, or jellyfish.

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We had a crazy storm here today.
This morning was beautiful. After church, Lee and I did a little window shopping, and as we came out of the last store, suddenly the sky had darkened. On the way home, it started to rain just a little.
About a half hour later, it was like someone turned on the faucet. No, even more than that – someone had turned on the firehose. I was cooking, and opened the kitchen window to watch. The wind was pulling at the tree limbs, the Spanish moss was waving like so many flags, and the lightning and thunder were constant. After a few window-rattling blasts, Luca came flying through the cat door into the kitchen, no longer content to be alone.

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I copied Lee and Trent, and finally added something to my “about” page. Enjoy.

Beach Bum

Today has been a really good day.
It didn’t start that way though.
I had been looking forward to sleeping in – no alarm clock. But at 7:30, just 15 minutes later than my normal alarm-clock time, Millie decided it was time to get up. I let her out into the house, in the hopes she would crawl onto the couch and go back to sleep – something she likes to do most days. But just a short time later, Lee and I were awakened to the sound of her barrelling through the house. This is not a good thing, and usually means she is chasing the cat. She is definitely not sleeping.

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My cat is so evil.
Here’s a perfect example. Today, I came home from lunch and was feeling very tired. I was lying down on the couch, relaxing, and she was sitting on the very top of the couch, above where my head was. All of the sudden, I felt something fall on my collar and neck. I brushed it off – and it was a huge, dead cockroach. HellCat dropped a big dead roach on me. If anyone reading this has read my previous roach entries, you understand this is traumatic. Maybe she was reminding me it was time to get off the couch and go back to work. Maybe she was offering it as a gift. Maybe she was trying to kill me…

Back Home

Lee and I are back home after a busy, but fun weekend. We went to Atlanta for my brother’s graduation (GO JEFF!). That was fun, and we got to hang out with the family and eat way too much good food. Lee and I shopped like rockstars with Erica, and got some kickin’ deals. We also went to the Apple store in Lenox mall – a very nice treat. It’s always good to be home though, now if only it were Friday again and not about to be Monday…

It’s here!

It’s here! It’s here! Clammy arrived today! I was so excited. I had it delivered to work, and I have been bugging the receptionist about it. I know I was driving her nuts and I’m sure she’s glad it came too. Lee came to the office so we could open it together, and it was like Christmas. I knew it was listed as an open box return, and I wasn’t sure exactly what condition it would be in. What a steal. I don’t think it had ever been opened. The box had, but the computer itself was still in plastic wrap with an unbroken seal. The silica gel was still inside and everything. It works great, and looks cute, and I can’t wait to take it to work. Kudos to Final Call Auction who sold us the laptop. A+!