Month: March 2004

Wow, we have a lot of stuff

This is a snapshot of just a portion of the stuff we dragged from our storage shed today to prepare for a yard sale next weekend. We’ve accumulated quite a lot these last few years, and have been… Read More

The First Class Experience

The last few days have been rather agonizing, filled with endless debate and decision making (or indecision making) about very important things. I don’t believe I would like to recount it right now. I did, however, have a… Read More

Wonderful Trip

Mom, Lee and I got to meet lots of crazy animals at the Charleston Aquarium this weekend. We had such a good time. It was great having mom to visit. I love aquariums. Something about the way the… Read More

House Anniversary

Three years ago today, Lee and I closed on our very first house. We loved it then, and we love it even more now. Yeah, we curse at it sometimes. Like when the roof leaks. Like this morning… Read More

Birthday Surprises

Saturday was Lee’s birthday, and what a very good birthday it was. The celebration began Friday when Erica came to town and surprised him. Then Saturday, Dave and Erin drove up from Miami and surprised him as well…. Read More


How can a movie be so funny and frustrating at the same time? So clever, yet so STUPID? Lee and I went to see the movie “Eurotrip” tonight. Despite my frustrations, I highly recommend this movie if you… Read More

Envy No More

We got to see plenty of snow on the drive up to Tennessee. When we stopped for lunch in South Carolina, the snow was still several inches deep. But the longer we drove the warmer it grew, and… Read More