Month: June 2005

My First Day

First days are always long – my mama told me so when I was in school, and the same is true for new jobs. Today was no exception, but it was still a very good day. It started… Read More

Ohmygosh There’s a Sign in my Yard

I find myself staring out our front window a lot tonight, watching the cars go by. All those cars are riding by our newly planted “for sale” sign. Holy cow. Lee and I found the house we want…. Read More

Here’s to Four Years, and Forever More

Four years ago today… Lee I and were in Cancun on our honeymoon. I feel bad that I didn’t write on our actual anniversary two days ago, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a very special day. June… Read More

One Down… ? To Go

I was just pulling the bathmat out of the dryer and dashing to toss it on the bathroom floor when the first of our potential home buyers pulled into our driveway. 5 minutes early. How dare they!? I… Read More


It has been such a busy week – one with lots going on and not enough time to write about any of it. Last weekend Lee and I went to Myrtle Beach. Our hotel was great, with a… Read More

Two Days Left

It’s a little strange. I have only seven emails in my inbox at work. Usually, I try to keep it just under 100. I save emails I think I’ll need for future stories, etc., and since I only… Read More

Grill Masters

The way Lee’s eyes lit up as we walked toward the checkout at Home Depot, you’d have thought it was Christmas morning. In front of him, he pushed a cart bearing a large box. In the box was… Read More