Month: August 2007

Takes After Her Mama

I’m a sugar junkie, so I’ve tried to postpone introducing sweets to Camille in the hopes that she won’t follow in my footsteps. But I’m afraid she may have inherited her Mama’s sweet tooth. At baby school, whenever… Read More


I can’t deny it. It’s cool to pull up to the tall downtown building, step out of the car, and hand the keys over to the valet. It’s flattering to have the lady at the front desk know… Read More

Camille is Walking!

Every day Camille seems to be taking a few more steps on her own, and today she really started getting around on two legs. She’s still wobbly, like maybe there’s kahlua in that milk, but she’s figuring out… Read More

She’s So Famous

When we were at the reading festival yesterday, a photographer from the local paper snapped a few shots of us. Camille, her friend Christina, Christina’s mom and I were sitting at one of the reading stations while two… Read More

Letter to Camille: Thirteen Months

Hello sweet-yet-crabby girl. I’m so glad you seem to be sleeping peacefully right now. You’ve had a rough night! Apparently, tooth #4 is working its way into your mouth, and it’s not being very nice about it. You’ve… Read More

Musical Girl

As much as Lee and I love music, I’m quite pleased that Camille seems to really enjoy music too. To be honest, I don’t know any baby who doesn’t perk up to the sound of a song, but… Read More

House For Sale

Together we walked to the edge of the yard, and Lee drove the sign into the bed of ivy near the sidewalk. That red and white sign advertising a house for sale. It’s dark, so I didn’t bother… Read More

A Hazard of the Job

This week has been crazy at work. Really, really nuts. We’ve been dealing with several crises at once, some of them quite serious. Working in the health field messes with my psyche sometimes. I can convince myself that… Read More

It’s Hot

It’s always hot in Savannah in August, but today was just plain ridiculous. I was standing outside having a rather lively conversation on the phone with a co-worker this afternoon when I felt something tickling both my elbows…. Read More

Working on My Poker Face

I always feared this would be a problem for me in the child discipline arena, and tonight it was proven true. If something is funny but I shouldn’t laugh, I suddenly cannot contain my laughter. This is critical,… Read More