Month: November 2008

Camille’s Wish List

Thanksgiving was great, especially since we got to visit with Boo, Erin, Dave and Jones for several days. But I’m pretty mad at myself for forgetting my cameras. Argh! I’ll post some pics once they send me some… Read More

This Is Why I’m Thankful

Tonight, we were sitting on the living room couch when Lee pulled Camille up into his lap and declared it was “Cuddle Time!” Camille spread her arms open wide and flung herself at us saying, “Hug both!” After… Read More

My Grown-Up Christmas List

So … what do I want most for Christmas? A new washing machine? A new water line under the house? Or repairs to my refrigerator? Maybe, if I’m a really good girl, I can have all three! I… Read More

The Cutest Turkey I Didn’t See

Camille and I just got home from her preschool Thanksgiving Feast, which was such a cute little party. Other than her school birthday parties, this is the first party we’ve been invited to at her preschool or daycare,… Read More

Letter to Camille: Twenty-Eight Months

Hello sweet sleeping angel, and Happy 28-month birthday! I’m sitting on the couch as I type this, listening to your sweet, satisfyingly deep breaths on the baby monitor, and thinking about how much I love you. This time… Read More

Sugar Cane Festival

Last weekend, Oatland Island (one of our favorite kid-friendly locales) hosted their annual Cane Grinding Festival. Nana and Granddaddy were in town and joined Camille and me for the event. After Camille showed them her favorite barn animals,… Read More

Dinnertime with a Toddler

Having dinner with Camille can be sweet, fun, and maddening too. Lately, Camille has been acting her age and doing some more of those things for which toddlers are famous – like saying “No!” a lot and working… Read More

Trick or Treat!

My little pumpkin certainly enjoyed herself this Halloween. All the Halloween parties and fall festivals culminated in the big event – trick or treating. This was exciting, yet tough business for my girl. She can get shy around… Read More

The Hold Steady: Take Two

Halloween was great fun, as my little Supergirl enjoyed going door-to-door and dazzling neighbors with her cuteness and her polite “trick-or-treat!” I’ll post more on that later when I have a chance to download some video from my… Read More