Welcome Baby Jones!

Well so far, Erin managed to have a fantastic labor and delivery, give birth to a cutie pie, and still look fabulous moments after he was born. I’d say things are going well, and this video clip is… Read More

Get Ready, Mr. Jones!

We’re in Miami where hopefully, in less than 24 hours, Baby Jones will arrive! He’s a little behind schedule, so they’re planning to induce in the morning. I’ve been feeling the baby squirm and wiggle all night in… Read More

China Update

I haven’t been able to speak to my dad since he arrived in China, but have been lucky enough to get fairly regular emails from him. The updates have been fascinating and heart breaking, and I thought I’d… Read More

Mother’s Day Weekend

I couldn’t have asked for a better Mother’s Day weekend. I got to be with my girl and my mom, and had the chance to show Camille off to lots of family members I hadn’t seen in much… Read More

Shower for Baby Jones

How excited am I about Erin and Dave’s baby-to-be? Ummmm… is there even a word for it? Super-duper excited. Mega-excited. Excited times infinity. I’m excited for Erin and Dave, and very excited to meet Baby Jones and hold… Read More

My Boy

So glad he was born, and so glad he’s mine. Happy Birthday to the love of my life.

Say Cheese!

There have been many moments when I’ve thought to myself, “I wish we were on a reality TV show so camera crews could just follow us around.” I say this for two reasons – 1.) because Camille is… Read More

Tennessee Christmas

Those are some happy faces, and I don’t think the smiles were just for the camera. We celebrated Christmas in Tennessee last weekend and had a blast. I took a lot of pictures to make up for my… Read More

How May We Help You?

It reminded me of moving into my dorm room in college. Not only were we hauling a mini-fridge and microwave up the elevator, but we were settling into the first office space we could call ours. I remember… Read More

Picture Perfect Thanksgiving

It was a picture perfect Thanksgiving, which is why I was quite upset with myself for not bringing a back-up camera battery. I was able to snag this cute photo of Camille and Granddaddy snuggling for warmth during… Read More