Colorado Vacation: The Hike

I couldn’t write about this trip without dedicating a whole section to the hike Lee, Dad and I took one day. It’s a hike my family did when I was 11, and I remembered it as gorgeous, but… Read More

Colorado Vacation: The Family

I loved having a full week to spend with my parents, and I know Camille did too. Nana and Granddaddy properly spoiled us, and Dad and I took a nice hike up the cabin’s mountain road where we… Read More

Colorado Vacation: The Friends

The only thing better than the beautiful scenery of Colorado’s mountains was the company of people I love and dearly miss. My parents rented a cabin in Estes Park and invited us to come along for a week…. Read More

Gotta Go Pack

The alarm will be going off early tomorrow morning so we can make it to the airport by 4:30 a.m. for our 5:30 flight – but I don’t think I’ll have too much trouble waking up. I’m too… Read More

Cuba: Part Two

Aside from the architecture, the other sight that catches your attention immediately is the old 50s era vehicle rambling down the bumpy highway next to you. Before the revolution and ensuing embargo, most of the cars in Cuba… Read More

Cuba: Part One

Our trip was great – an experience I find hard to explain. People ask us, “How was Cuba?” – a fairly straightforward question, but the answer isn’t as simple. I’ve never been anywhere quite like Cuba, a place… Read More

Baltimore and Back

I had an opportunity to go to a conference for work this week in Baltimore, and was very lucky to have Lee as my traveling companion. When I wasn’t in conference sessions, we did some sightseeing and good… Read More

Vacation Fun!

Where do I start? We arrived home Tuesday morning from our first big family vacation. It was… what’s the right word to use? Great? Wonderful? Incredible. I think it’s so good that despite the literal distance between us,… Read More


I shouldn’t be blogging. I should be sleeping. My alarm is going off at 4 a.m., but I have a feeling I won’t fall asleep quickly tonight. I’M TOO EXCITED. Tomorrow, we’re heading to Portland to see Anna… Read More

A Trip Back

As we crested Lexington Highway where the road spills into downtown Athens, I felt like I was coasting through a 3-D version of the memories in my mind. It had been so long since I’d seen Athens, really… Read More