As Wonderful as I Remembered

June 16, 2011When Lee and I decided to return to Tensing Pen in Negril, Jamaica for our 10th anniversary trip, I wondered if the resort would really be as great as I remembered. When we arrived here two… Read More

Japan Day

This month, Camille’s pre-k classroom is “traveling around the world,” and this week they took an imaginary trip to Japan. Lee and I were excited for a chance to share our love of that country with her classmates,… Read More


The older I get the more I realize that great friends are hard to find, and great friendships are even harder to keep. People grow, they change, or they move away. Eight years ago Anna and Jason moved… Read More


Elegant. That is how I would describe Kyoto in a word, although it is a city too complex to be summarized in such a singular way. It is teeming with reminders of its ancient history, yet Kyoto is… Read More


In the weeks leading up to our Chicago trip, nearly every time I told someone where we were headed they’d tell me, “That’s one of my favorite cities!” or, “You’re going to love Chicago!” And now I must… Read More

A New Travel Tradition

The trip between Savannah and Fitzgerald is generally not very exciting. There was that time I nearly hit a whole family of pigs on the highway outside Lumber City, but that’s about the extent of the thrills. But… Read More

The Definition of R&R

A couple of months ago, in the midst of a super-busy time at work, Lee and I agreed that a vacation was in order. And not just any kind of vacation – the kind that involves doing absolutely… Read More

And I Get to Live Here!

I remember riding in the car, heading down Victory Drive almost 8 years ago, on my way to a job interview at WSAV. Taking in the palm trees, the old homes, the Spanish moss on the live oaks,… Read More

A Very Cool Place … To Be Trampled By Goats

While in Miami, Erin had the great idea to visit a park near her home. This is no ordinary park – sure there were fabulous playgrounds and lots of picnic tables, but there were also animals! Lambs were… Read More

The Hold Steady: Take Two

Halloween was great fun, as my little Supergirl enjoyed going door-to-door and dazzling neighbors with her cuteness and her polite “trick-or-treat!” I’ll post more on that later when I have a chance to download some video from my… Read More