Month: October 2003

The Big Apple

It’s official! Lee and I are headed to New York for vacation in a few weeks. I have never been to NYC, and I’m ready. After pouring over websites about hotels and watching airfare like a day trader… Read More


It has rained all day, the kind of pounding rain that at times makes you raise your voice to be heard over the drops pelting the rooftop. The sky is dark now, but even at noon it was… Read More

A Walk in the Woods

For the first time since my parents moved to Tennessee, the weather was beautiful when we visited. For some reason, Lee and I are usually like rain gods – as soon as we roll into town the storms… Read More

Luca’s Thoughts on Landscaping

We signed a contract with Mr. Landscape Man tonight, and I’m excited. But my excitement is a little subdued because the evening was fairly traumatic. The very first time Mr. Landscape Man came over, he seemed a little… Read More

Crazy Landscape Man

Lee and I are finally taking the landscaping plunge. Tired of our grassless front yard, tired of killing all the plants we buy, tired of a yard that would be better swept with a broom than raked or… Read More

Checkbook Workout

Today, Lee said those words. “Do you want to go to the gym?” No, I thought. I’d rather lie on the couch and read Seabiscuit. I tried to come up with a valid excuse as I weighed my… Read More

Couples Dating

I’ve noticed an interesting “married” trend. Now that Lee and I have found our life-long companion, lover, and best friend in each other, we now date around for other couple friends. It really does seem like a date… Read More

Anything but Chickens

Fitzgerald is in the national spotlight today. A soldier on leave was visiting his family in my tiny hometown, when he bought the winning lotto ticket. Nearly $90 million dollars in the lump-sum payout. Tonight, Nightly News did… Read More

Empty Nest

Well, the nest isn’t completely empty. As I stretched out on the sofa like a couch potato all night, I was joined by Millie and Luca. But the house is too quiet. Just yesterday, I was dining at… Read More