Month: September 2004

The Wrong Jeanne is Coming to Savannah

This hurricane business is out of control. At least Savannah has been lucky so far this season, with several storms to watch but no hits. Hurricane Jeanne will likely cause some wind and rain for us tonight, but… Read More

Kitty Update

I woke up this morning with a sinking feeling because I knew I had to shove Luca unwillingly into a cat carrier, drive to the vet, and leave her there. It was hard, and I was still conflicted… Read More

Goodbye Claws

This time tomorrow, Luca will no longer have front claws. I have mixed feelings about that. I feel sorry for her. I know it will be hard to leave her at the vet’s office tomorrow, knowing she will… Read More


I guess I’m oficially used to the southern heat, because today it must’ve been in the 60s, and I actually shivered. True, there was a cool breeze blowing across all the hairs on my arm as they stood… Read More

Taking a Stand… Literally

There is a pot on my front porch. In it are some beautiful plants. If they could talk, they could tell me more about the criminal who boldly took what was not his/hers Friday. A few months ago,… Read More

And Another Storm Forms

I’m beginning to feel weather weary. Yes, the girl who loves weather stories is beginning to tire of them. That doesn’t mean I’m not still watching. I’m tuned into the weather channel right now, watching the Destin area… Read More

Guns Are Creepy

I’m sure the way you feel about something like the gun control debate often has to do with they way you were raised. If you grew up in a huntin’ family with a gun collection, you’re probably cool… Read More

Nail Biting with the Dawgs

That game was too close for comfort. Lee and I watched the first quarter of the UGA vs. South Carolina game on television, then listened to the rest on the road. The game started awfully, with Larry Munson… Read More


I want to find a church. Not just a building with a steeple and some pews, but a group of caring people brought together by their belief in a single God and a common good. I’m hungry not… Read More

Waiting and Watching

Right now, I’m glad Lee and I made the decision not to buy plywood. It looks like Frances will stay well south of us, and we may not even see any effects – though it’s too soon to… Read More