Month: May 2006

Letter to Baby: Week 31

Hello little one! Are you enjoying your nap? I think you might be sleeping right now, after being wide awake for the last couple of hours. Your daddy and I went to see the X-Men movie tonight. The… Read More

My New Toy

I love taking pictures, but lately that hobby had become more of a burden – both financially and in the literal sense. When I was in college, I sprang for a Canon SLR. It was probably the single… Read More

Letter to Baby: Week 29

Hello sweet girl! Just look at how big you’re getting! We went to the doctor yesterday to get more pictures of you, and it was so much fun. They say you weigh just over 3 pounds, and that’s… Read More

The Rebirth of Millie’s Arch Nemesis

Several months ago, visitors were on their way to our house, and as usual I’d put off at least some aspect of cleaning until the last minute. This time, I’d waited to clean up the dog and cat… Read More

The Things People Say…

Pregnancy makes people do strange things. Not just the pregnant people, but all the people around them, too. There is a large segment of the population that seems to believe pregnant people have no need for personal space,… Read More

Letter to Baby: Week 28

Hello little one! I’m so proud of you – today we’ve passed another major milestone. It’s the first day of our third trimester. Sometime in the next 12 or so weeks, we’ll get to see each other for… Read More

My Sweet, Sweet Volvo

I love my car. When we bought it, I considered several different cars before finally deciding the Volvo was the one. I liked the style, the comfort, the way it drove, and I also liked that it seemed… Read More

Jeff and Michelle

Last weekend, I watched very proudly as my brother Jeff married Michelle. I really didn’t think I would cry, but the second the chapel doors opened and she began to walk down the aisle, I turned into a… Read More