Month: August 2008


Not encouraged by the latest Hanna forecast track from the National Hurricane Center.

Bye-Bye Baby School

I couldn’t help but feel nostalgic when I picked Camille up from school today – her last day in her old Baby School. We finally found a new school for her with a 3-day program, and she’ll start… Read More


Every morning this week, Camille’s first words have been, “Auntie-Jones?”After her nap, “Auntie-Jones?”When we walk by the guest bedroom, “Auntie-Jones?” And if I counted the number of times we’ve had the following conversation, it would be close to… Read More

Review: Huggies Pull-Ups Vs. Pampers Easy-Ups

In just a few short weeks, I’ve learned a little about training diapers – and what I learned surprised me.

Funny Face

When we ask Camille to smile for a picture these days, this is what we get. Sure makes me smile!

Quest for the Perfect Lunch Box

It started out as a simple task – find a lunch box for Camille, who is moving to a new school and will need one. But then it turned into so much more, because I have a tendency… Read More

More Butter is Not Always Better

Erin and I enjoyed a nice treat Tuesday – a girls’ night out to the movies while sweet Lee stayed home with the kiddos. All day long, in anticipation of our outing, I thought about that yummy movie… Read More

Gummibunny 2.0

So… things look a little new around here – one of the many benefits of being married to a web designer! Not only does gummibunny have a new look, but will eventually have some new features I think… Read More

Letter to Camille: Twenty-five months

Hello sweet sleeping bear. You’re all tucked in and I wouldn’t be surprised if you were dreaming about kissing your cousin Baby Jones on his head. After all, it’s one of your favorite things to do these days…. Read More

Party Animal

I thought a baby pool, water games and birthday cake were the perfect ingredients for a good 2-year-old birthday party. But apparently, Camille would’ve liked a DJ, a bunch of teenagers and some Cheetos just as well. Yesterday… Read More