Cami’s First Road Trip

Yesterday was a day of many firsts for Miss Camille Grace. It was her first trip out-of-state. She felt her first raindrop. And we seem to have survived our first large public gathering. It was a good day…. Read More

Cami’s New Toy

Our sweet baby still has her days and nights mixed up, sleeping soundly when the sun is shining, and ready to party when the moon is up. We try to maximize her awake time during the day, hoping… Read More

They Really Are GRANDparents

I’ve thought to myself many times over the past 2 weeks, “what do people do if they don’t have good families?” I know there are people who have babies every day with virtually no support system at home,… Read More


Until a couple of days ago, we’d only been able to give Camille sponge baths. But she has now graduated to a big girl bath, and last night we tried a tub bath for the first time. I… Read More

A Happy 5th Anniversary

I love to travel, and almost as soon as we were home from our honeymoon, I was already thinking about our next trip. We’ve spent anniversaries camping in the mountains, photographing glaciers in Alaska, or enjoying a museum… Read More

Jeff and Michelle

Last weekend, I watched very proudly as my brother Jeff married Michelle. I really didn’t think I would cry, but the second the chapel doors opened and she began to walk down the aisle, I turned into a… Read More

Never Too Old for Parties and Toys

Today is Lee’s birthday – it’s only one day, but this year it’s one of a four-day-long celebration. He deserves it. The festivities began Friday when his mom came to town and we had dinner at Firefly, one… Read More

The Sweetest Valentine

When I got in my car yesterday morning and saw my Valentine’s gift, I was reminded of one of the reasons I love Lee so much. After four years of marriage and almost 12 years as a couple,… Read More

It’s His Birthday!

It is beautiful outside. Warm. Sunny. Tulips are blooming in the squares, and some azalea blossoms are already beginning to show their faces. But best of all, it’s Lee’s birthday. I’m glad nature cooperated to make this special… Read More

My Valentine

I have the best Valentine. I overheard guys at work talking about how bad Valentine’s Day is because it’s just another day for guys to get into trouble. They should all take notes. Lee knows how to make… Read More