So Proud of Him

When the alarm went off this morning, I was the one who had to turn it off. Usually Lee is up before me, and wakes me up. Then he’s out the door and off to a job that… Read More

The Christmas Tree Mission

The tree is standing. It is decorated. No one was harmed. I love getting our Christmas tree every year. Lee, however, has had some unfortunate incidents with the tree (like being stuck holding up a wet tree for… Read More


A cold front came through yesterday, but we refuse to turn on our heater. Instead, we just cuddle for warmth. Here are three of my favorite creatures all snuggled down.

The Wrong Jeanne is Coming to Savannah

This hurricane business is out of control. At least Savannah has been lucky so far this season, with several storms to watch but no hits. Hurricane Jeanne will likely cause some wind and rain for us tonight, but… Read More

Erin and Dave

Lee and I love throwing parties, and if we’re in the hosting mood, nearly any occasion is reason to invite people to our home. But last weekend, we had a very special reason to celebrate. Earlier this summer,… Read More

Rally Around the Tambourine Man

In a sea of seated people there was a man. A man standing with a tambourine. This man was my father. Long before the crowd at the Chicago concert had enough alcohol in their veins to have them… Read More

My Tambourine Man

A one-of-a-kind dad deserves an equally unique present on Father’s Day. No tie would do this year. Dad didn’t need a noose around his neck to remind him of work. He needed something to celebrate his free spirit…. Read More


When my mom and dad bought Abbey for my birthday 12 years ago, they decided not to clip her ears. I’m so glad. When she was a puppy, you’d have to smile when you looked at her because… Read More

He’s a Winner

I had to work today, which kind of sucked. But when I walked in the door of my house at the end of the day, I was greeted by the aroma of dinner sizzling on the stove. The… Read More

Wonderful Trip

Mom, Lee and I got to meet lots of crazy animals at the Charleston Aquarium this weekend. We had such a good time. It was great having mom to visit. I love aquariums. Something about the way the… Read More