Good Company

Trent came to visit today, in plenty of time for Thirsty Thursday night at the Sand Gnats game of course. It was actually a pretty good game, even though the gnats couldn’t pull off a win in the… Read More

So Long Good Friends

Sipping margaritas next to the ocean was nice, but the company was even nicer. Lee and I went to dinner last night with Michelle and Brian, and although it was a fun evening, there was a note of… Read More

Happy Birthday Nia

One year ago today, I got that phone call – the one telling me you were on the way. Your Mom sounded excited and nervous all at the same time, and that’s how I felt too. I couldn’t… Read More

Birthday Surprises

Saturday was Lee’s birthday, and what a very good birthday it was. The celebration began Friday when Erica came to town and surprised him. Then Saturday, Dave and Erin drove up from Miami and surprised him as well…. Read More

She’s a Star

Meet Nia, the news anchor. She looks right at home on the set, and has to be one of the cutest babies ever. She has the personality to match, too. Watch out Katie Couric.

Party Time

My work Christmas party was last night. There was good food and good company. However, combine alcohol and karaoke, and get frightening results. Neither Lee nor I really particpated in that, thank goodness. I got roped into singing… Read More

Couples Dating

I’ve noticed an interesting “married” trend. Now that Lee and I have found our life-long companion, lover, and best friend in each other, we now date around for other couple friends. It really does seem like a date… Read More

A Homecoming

After months of painful separation – with one person surrounded by death, and another experiencing new life – Nikki, Andrew, and Nia are finally together. Andrew came home from Iraq Tuesday. I wasn’t the reporter on the story,… Read More

Bon Voyage

Yesterday, our good friend Dave boarded a plane and left town for good. First, he’ll visit family in California, then start a great new job in Miami. We were all sad to see him go. But before he… Read More


For me, the story begins at 5:00 a.m. Sunday. Actually, it begins at 4:55 when Millie scratches at the door. I beg her to go back to sleep. She won’t. She is thirsty. So we go outside, then… Read More