This weekend rocked – both figuratively and literally. We traveled up to see the Valleses, and as usual, it was a ton of fun. It’s fun on two levels – I really enjoy getting to spend time with… Read More

Can Little Nia Bean Be Five?

I can’t believe Nia is 5 years old. Five just sounds so… big! Last weekend, we went to Winder to visit with the Valleses and celebrate Nia’s 5th birthday. Nia is such a special girl – so smart,… Read More

Happy Birthday to Nikki!

It was Nikki’s birthday, but I felt like the one getting a treat. The Valles family came into town Thursday night, just in time for some birthday cake and one (or two) strawberry daiquiris (for the adults, of… Read More

I Heart Friends

I want to write about friends. I want to write about missing them, but I just don’t want to sound so depressing. Even though it is depressing. Trent left yesterday and took a little sunshine with him. When… Read More

Tybee Time

At least for a few days, we could step outside on the deck to watch and listen as the waves battered the shore. We had breakfast, lunch, and dinner with good friends. We had silly adventures and shared… Read More

Baby Elliot

I’m so excited! Baby Elliot is here! Anna and Jason’s baby girl arrived early this morning. The whole time she was in labor I practically had to sit on my hands to keep from calling and texting them… Read More

Would You Like To Be Friends?

When I was younger, it seemed easier. I might see a girl on the monkey bars at recess, decide to join her for a swing on the rungs, and by the end of the school day we’d be… Read More

I Hate Atlanta

Atlanta is a great place to visit. Lots of fun restaurants and clubs, malls and even an Ikea for goodness sake. I can understand the appeal, but it’s just not my speed. I can’t stand sitting in traffic,… Read More

The Big Sister and the Sweet Baby Boy

My role this time was different, though I was no less excited. Fortunately for Nikki and Andrew, he’s here for the birth of their second child, which meant he could be by her side in the delivery room…. Read More

Nia Turns Two!

Well, her actual birthday is in a three days -but today we celebrated Nia’s 2nd birthday. She’s growing so fast now – physically, yes, but socially even more so. Every time I see her, she has learned so… Read More